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small_vidGo To Telecom saves you time and money by not having to listen to three or more sales reps from each provider and try to compare their quote to the other quotes. Click here to launch video

about_boxGo To Telecom, LLC provides its clients with an independent analysis of their telecom requirements and an independent selection of service providers for their voice and data needs.   Read More

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Data Services

Data Communication Services: Go To Telecom offers data connection services in varying speeds to suit both small and large businesses. Our services include: T1 Connection Internet

Voice Services

Voice Services: Voice Services Bring Savings to Business Telephone systems have changed more in the past 15 years than they have in the entire history of telephony. Digital voice

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Cloud computing refers to the delivery of hosted services over the internet. Go To Telecom offers cloud computing options from many different carriers

Conferencing Solutions

Conferencing Solutions: Go To Telecom offers a variety of innovative and cost-effective teleconferencing solutions from a number of conferencing service providers.

Consulting Service

Telecom Consulting Service: Telecom Audit Most large companies and many small ones are paying for things they don’t need, and overpaying for the things they do. Nowhere is this mo


With so many acronyms and buzzwords floating around in the telecom industry, you could find yourself lost in the lingo. Here’s a roadmap of definitions to help you find your way.

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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Consultant

01Mergers and Acquisitions
Sales is known as a high turnover profession, but the recent rash of mergers and acquisitions in telecom make it even more...
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