5 Million Drops in the Bucket

What was on your bwish listb for 2012?B And, more importantly, what bmade the cutb and what didnbt?

With budget discussions for 2013 in the early stages, now is the time to take that wish list out of theB drawer, dust it off and determine what still makes sense.B The world of telecommunications moves pretty fast, so itbs likely that some technology you wished for last year has already become obsolete.

For example, 87% of the worldbs population own a cell phone. B With 6+ billion people on the planet, thatbs a ridiculously high number b especially once you exclude all the children under the age of 10 that are less likely to be a cell phone user.B The percentage of the population over 10 that owns a cell phone is probably well over 90.

Letbs just say that the average turnover for a cell phone is 3 years.B So, overB 1.7 billion people will get a new cell phone next year.B That puts Applebs 5 million unit launch of the new iPhone in perspective.B It really is a bdrop in the bucketb.

So, the story goes with just about any new technology.B In a year, there is a virtual guarantee that there will be more/better/faster options.B And, that being said, those options will require careful consideration to make sure you are satisfied with what ends up on your 2013 wish list.

What would I like to leave you with?B To get a project put into the 2013 budget, you need to begin your discovery process now.B The next couple of months could make the difference b allowing you to get out of the gate fast in 2013.B Remember, webre here to help.

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