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Total Cost of Ownership for a VoIP Phone System

So, youbre thinking about upgrading to a VoIP PBX but you canbt decide whether you should use a VoIP service provider or bhostb it yourself (also known as a premise-based VoIP phone system).B In order to calculate your total cost of ownership, or TCO, there are many […]

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Why Hosted VoIP for Business?

Letbs take the example of using hosted business phone services to help adjust to a short-term business contract.B In a situation like this, one of your major obstacles is likely staffing.B How do you put the right bhands on deckb to get the job done-without wasting so […]

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Business Phone Services bIn the Cloudb

You donbt have to go very far these days to find a discussion related to bthe Cloudb-in this case business phone services.B There are many factors driving decision-makers to move to a VoIP PBX, but when does it make sense to move to hosted VoIP? One of […]

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The Cloud is Real

Back to the Gartner presentation for a few more observationsb& Cloud adoption is increasing rapidly.B In fact, just about everything is bin the cloudb now.B Moving your servers to a collocation facility to take advantage of improved infrastructure, security, and disaster recovery, put you in bthe cloudb. […]

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Own vs. Lease?

As a CPA, Ibve been answering this question for the last 30 years.B The terms have changed a bitb&leasing is now typically referred to as bhostedb.B And, owning is sometimes referred to as bpremise-based or on-premb. While this discussion can apply to countless decisions, Ibm going to […]

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Will Your Upgrade Measure Up?

When youbre contemplating making a substantial purchase decision, how do you know whether it will cost-justify itself?B Well, I put together just this sort of analysis recently for one of our customers considering a new phone system purchase. Herebs a few suggestions for any thorough evaluationb& Make […]

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Cloud-based Applications for Closing Sales

One of the most common cloud-based applications in use today is customer relationship management software or CRM.B Since it is in such widespread use, we can examine it for how it is facilitating the sales process and ways to leverage similar technology for even better results. Most […]

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Gartnerbs Trends for 2012

Every year we attend the Channel Partnerbs Conferenceb&typically in late March.B One of the highlights is the keynote presentation with Tiffani Bova from Gartner.B She always shares a couple of observations that can put you ahead of the curveb&if youbre paying attention. This year, she shared that […]

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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Consultant

01Mergers and Acquisitions
Sales is known as a high turnover profession, but the recent rash of mergers and acquisitions in telecom make it even more...
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