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Is the Moon Really Blue?

The truth is that a blue moon isnbt blue at all.B The story goes that EarthSkybs Deborah Byrd happened upon a copy of an old 1946 issue of Sky and Telescope in the stacks of the Peridier Library at the University of Texas Astronomy Department in the […]

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How Much is Too Much? – Evaluating the Risk of a Disaster

Disaster recovery has been contemplated by most organizations.B If your company is at all regulated, you probably created a disaster recovery plan and filed it with the regulatory agency. Is that enough?B And, has it been tested? Therebs nothing like a good disaster simulation to force you […]

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Insuring for the Inevitable – Disaster Recovery Planning

So, youbre convinced that you need a disaster recovery plan but you donbt want to bbreak the bankb with it.B If your house is worth $300,000 and you had to pay $100,000 per year to insure it, youbd likely say bIbll take my chances.bB With disaster recovery, […]

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All-in Cost of a Disaster…Evaluating Disaster Recovery

So, how much will a disaster really cost you?B There are many ways to approach this evaluation. Letbs take the most likely scenario-a server crash. If you canbt salvage your data (and your backup isnbt valid), losing your history could be deadly-or at least it will feel […]

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"Stuff Happens" – Disaster Recovery

I am an optimistic person-always seeing the glass half full.B But, even optimists realize that bstuff happensb.B And, if youbre at least somewhat prepared for it, whatever presents itself will be much easier to deal with. We are in the Nashville area and a couple of years […]

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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Consultant

01Mergers and Acquisitions
Sales is known as a high turnover profession, but the recent rash of mergers and acquisitions in telecom make it even more...
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