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Collocation vs. Virtualization with Your Telecommunications Company

Or, maybe the better approach is collocation AND virtualization! One of the most in-demand services for a telecommunications company is virtualization.B This includes virtual servers and desktops.B In one of the sessions I attended at the recent conference, I played with a virtual Windows desktop on an […]

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Insuring for the Inevitable – Disaster Recovery Planning

So, youbre convinced that you need a disaster recovery plan but you donbt want to bbreak the bankb with it.B If your house is worth $300,000 and you had to pay $100,000 per year to insure it, youbd likely say bIbll take my chances.bB With disaster recovery, […]

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The Cloud is Real

Back to the Gartner presentation for a few more observationsb& Cloud adoption is increasing rapidly.B In fact, just about everything is bin the cloudb now.B Moving your servers to a collocation facility to take advantage of improved infrastructure, security, and disaster recovery, put you in bthe cloudb. […]

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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Consultant

01Mergers and Acquisitions
Sales is known as a high turnover profession, but the recent rash of mergers and acquisitions in telecom make it even more...
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