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No Forklift Required

Herebs something you might find interesting.B All voice traffic travels over the bbackboneb using SIP.B Whether your bhandoffb is analog, digital, or SIP, once it leaves your office – itbs SIP. In our digital world made challenging with a sluggish economy, most companies are reluctant to spend […]

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Saving with SIP – Session Initiation Protocol

bSo, converting to SIP will save us a bundle – right?!b That is a question we answer often.B And, itbs not bcut and driedb.B There are many factors to consider.B Herebs just a few questions you need to be able to answer to evaluate the cost savings […]

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Stepping into SIP

SIP has been a hot topic in the world of telecom for the last several years.B For those who arenbt familiar with the term, SIP is an acronym for bsession initiation protocolb. The problem is that the bSIPb is not consistent – which is why the last […]

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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Consultant

01Mergers and Acquisitions
Sales is known as a high turnover profession, but the recent rash of mergers and acquisitions in telecom make it even more...
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