A Nifty Tool for Online Communication

Ibm going to break from my theme and show you a tool that just might transform your life.B For many of the people I work with every day, it has provided the bnext best thing to being thereb.B I will caution you, this is not a program you use if youbre discussing sensitive company information.B Rather, itbs for the other 90+% of the interaction we have that doesnbt happen in the same geographical location or at the same time on the clock.

For an example, take a look at this one minute post:


I used this application to report a software issue with one of our Cloud service providers last week.B The technician that solved the problem bgushedb about how easy I made his life by showing him EXACTLY what was happening and where it was happening.

What would I like to leave you with?B There are lots of online tools that increase productivity and actually simplify things.B Keep this in mind when youbre overwhelmed with the fairly time-consuming tools that are required to maintain online security and online privacy.B One thing is certain b itbs not business as usual!

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