A Nifty Tool for Teleworkers

In this world of the geographically diverse work force, we need tools to help us communicate 24/7.B I work with a number of people in India and the Philippines.B They are 180 degrees from where I am in the way it really counts.B Ibm not talking about miles.B Ibm referring to time zones.

So, while we can schedule times for effective collaboration, sometimes we just need to be able to show them what webre looking at right NOW.B Thatbs where the nifty tool comes in very handy.

Watch this video:B http://screencast.com/t/JYjNLyZbtm6

Jing is a tool that allows me to comment on something that Ibm reviewing or even show a teleworker what I need assistance with.B It is much easier to show someone than it is to attempt to write out detailed instructions.B And, Jing is free!

As teleworking becomes more prevalent, creating tools that facilitate managing virtual employees is critical.B You canbt just walk down the hall to show someone what youbre looking at.B And, maybe thatbs OK.B Therebs a lot of blostb time when you get up from your desk.B Rather than Jing, maybe we should think of it as bcha-chingb.

What would I like to leave you with?B There is a telecom solution for every business problem.B Webre here to help you find it.

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