Addressing FUD About Cloud Security

We all use the Cloud in some way, shape or form.B And, for those of us that actually stop to ponder the implications, we realize that our perception of security varies dramatically.

For example, we btrustb our bank to secure our financial information in the Cloud.B Thatbs the only way they can meet the demand for online banking.B In fact, I would propose that webre willing to accept some briskb in exchange for the convenience of being able to do things that used to require going into a bank branch.

And, then therebs Amazon.B Amazon isnbt a government regulated bank.B For some, knowing that there isB government regulation provides peace of mind that security is being monitored appropriately.B Yet, even in the absence of oversight, we trust Amazon with our credit card information.

We will always face risks and experiencing a security breach is inevitable.B Still, itbs up to us to mitigate that risk.

How can we make a breach unlikely?B In the event of a breach, can we count on the company that was entrusted with our data to bmake it rightb?B And, when a breach occurs (not if, when), what steps will we take to restore integrity to the system?

One of the best ways to address FUD about cloud security threats is to do a breality checkb.B Where are your risks and what would happen if your data was hacked?B Threats to information security are a fact of life for anyone using the internet for Cloud services.B That includes e-mail, banking, e-commerce b and the list goes on.

You canbt escape it without unplugging from the bgridb.B And, Ibm not even sure that would work at this point.B To better arm yourself, you need to educate yourself.

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