Applications for Mobile Device Access

As the demands of the mobile workforce increase, creating proprietary applications for mobile devices becomes critical.B And, remember, mobile device access is a broad term these days.B It includes all types of smart phones, tablets, laptops, and the like.

Having desktop equivalent access to data and tools can significantly improve the sales cycle.B When people in the field can work effectively from just about anywhere, there is much less duplication of effort and inefficiency.

So, what are your critical applications that currently require someone to be sitting at a desktop computer to use?B Letbs get real here.B Ibm not talking about hobbled access.B If you canbt really do what you need to do from a mobile device, it requires that you find your way back to a desktop to get the job done.

Webve been experimenting with an iPad the last few months.B Ibve never been a Mac user so the learning curve is pretty steep.B Even with the limited keyboard, Ibve been amazed at how useful it is.B But, if your critical applications arenbt in bthe Cloudb and/or designed for mobile device access, therebs only so much utility youbll get.

Creating custom applications for smart phones and tablets to gain access to company data is one of the fastest growing areas of mobile device management.B Beware though!B The application will likely need to be regularly updated.B Can you rely on the service provider to be there when you need them?B And, if you allow users to install your custom application on their own device, how will you disable it when necessary?

Mobile device access (and the unique issues it creates) is not going away.B Your bBring Your Own Device Policyb will help you ensure that the gains you realize from improved efficiency are not lost to mismanagement.

We work closely with companies to manage their mobile devices and the associated carriers.B Since we are bcarrier agnosticb, we donbt care which carrier(s) you prefer.B Our only concern is that you are getting the most bbang for your buckb!

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