Are POTS Lines Going Away?

Recently, the ZITS comic strip reminded us of the generation gap that exists with technology.B The younger generation would not care much if the bland lineb ceased to exist.B If you canbt text to it, what useful purpose does it serve!B If you want a good chuckle, the link for the comic is at the end of this article.

Chances are your business is still dependent on what we refer to as POTS lines.B Plain old telephone service.B While there are quite a few places where POTS is simply a more effective choice, if POTS lines werenbt available, it would be difficult to find a suitable alternative for most security systems.

So, do we need to be concerned that POTS lines will go the bway of the dinosaurb anytime soon?

In fact, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Congress directed the FCC to create a national broadband plan to ensure that all Americans have access to broadband capability.B AT&T filed a comment with the FCC that called for phasing out the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

In their filing, AT&T stated that bDue to technological advances, changes in consumer preference, and market forces, the question is when, not if, POTS service and the PSTN over which it is provided will become obsolete.B In the meantime, however, the high costs associated with maintenance and operation of the legacy network are diverting valuable resources, both public and private, that could be used to expand broadband access and to improve the quality of broadband service.B It is for that reason that one of the most important steps the Commission can take to facilitate an orderly transition to an all-broadband communications infrastructure is to eliminate the regulatory requirements that prolong the life of POTS and the PSTN.b

Since AT&T is relied on to provide the majority of the nationbs POTS lines, I would say that it is likely that we will be seeing more movement towards IP-based technology in places where we traditionally relied on POTS lines.B Still, webre not there yet.B And, itbs important for you to have a strategy that works for you now and will provide a roadmap for the future.

Technology is changing even more rapidly than the “light speed” we’ve become accustomed to. B If you get too far behind it gets more and more difficult to catch up. B Go To Telecom can help you stay ahead of the learning curve.

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