Benefits of Burstable Bandwidth

One of the biggest reasons companies are insisting on Ethernet delivery is the need for scalability.B Companies want to be able to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves and, in many cases, that requires the ability to quickly add personnel or deliver additional services.B And, THAT can require more bandwidth.

Ethernet to the rescue!

In most cases, going from 50 to 100 Mbs of Ethernet bandwidth requires a simple one-page order form b what we call a bMACDb (move/add/change/delete).B And, a MACD is typically processed in weeks rather than months.

In some instances, a permanent bandwidth increase is not necessary.B And, while you might be able to submit another MACD to take care of the change, wouldnbt it be easier if you could just pay for what you use?

Well, with the right telecom company, you can do just that!B Burstable bandwidth allows you to increase your available bandwidth bon the flyb.B It does typically require a phone call or some other form of communication, but the change can be applied in hours rather than weeks.

There are as many ways this feature can be put to good use as there are companies.B One common example is a quarterly company-wide meeting held over a video collaboration platform.B High-definition video can be incredibly bandwidth intensive.B With burstable bandwidth, you can pay for the additional bandwidth for a short period of time b usually a few days.

Now, let me set a realistic expectation.B This flexibility is not delivered without a cost.B So, itbs important to put together a few scenarios of how you might use it and then determine what the associated charges will be.B In this way, you can determine whether burstable bandwidth is a cost-effective alternative for your business.

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