Benefits of Teleworking – The bBite-Sizedb Office

In the article I read this week, a company in Las Vegas was featured.B Zappos, an online retailer with 1,300 workers, has designed their entire office around the concept of telework and telecommuting options.B In fact, no one (except for two in-house attorneys) has a private office.

Their office is designed more like a coffee shop (think Starbucks or Panera Bread) than any office a bBaby Boomerb would recognize.B Their average worker is 36 b which explains the ease with which theybve embraced the bcubicleb that to the bBoomerb was something to rise above.

This concept that I refer to as the bbite-sizedb office will have a dramatic effect on company budgets.B According to CoreNet Global, the average allocation of office space per person will fall to 100 square feet or less within five years.B This might not seem that low, but keep in mind that all common area space-the entire leasable square footage-is divided by the number of employees.

The main drivers for the complete re-design according to CoreNet Global-more companies stressing bcollaborative and team-oriented spaceb and bsmaller but smarterb offices.

Offices traditionally use 200 to 300 square feet per worker.B So, by cutting the office space to 100 square feet, the cost of maintaining the office will drop dramatically.B Some of those savings will fall to the bottom line-while a considerable bchunkb will be redeployed into upgrading telecommunications technology to support the new geographically expanded work environment.

No longer can you control security bunder one roofb.B Security concerns are spread as broad as your teleworkers.B You must take advantage of bthe Cloudb to make information available anywhere, anytime.B And, you need to be flexible when it comes to the end-users preferred technology platform-Microsoft, Apple, Android, etc.

The easiest, most cost-effective way to meet these challenges is by partnering with a well-chosen managed services provider.B You only pay for what you use and itbs scalable to meet dynamic business conditions.B Itbs the perfect solution for the transition to the bbite-sizedb office.

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