The FCC Moves to Update Telecom Regulations

For many years we relied on the fax machine for moving documents quickly between locations.  In recent years, the fax machine has become a bit of a dinosaur.  With email and scanning, we rarely send a fax these days.  It served its purpose but its time has […]

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Your Telecom “Crystal Ball”

Wouldn’t you love to have a “crystal ball”?  Just like in the movies.  You could ask any question and the answer would be revealed.  You could see into the future and make decisions knowing what is coming.  Or, if you couldn’t possess the “technology” yourself, you could […]

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Why Telecommunications Deregulation Should Matter to You

Have you ever heard of the term “the triple bottom line”?And, more importantly, how does it relate to telecommunications deregulation?And, even more important, why should you care?Well, much of the technology you use today is the direct result of actions taken over 40 years ago. I’m old […]

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The New FAX Machine

I am going to date myself here.  I remember when we got our first fax machine at the accounting firm I managed.  Our insurance agent had just started using one so there was a bit of “peer pressure”.  I argued with my partner at the time (in […]

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Asking the Right Questions of Your Long Distance Telephone Company

We have worked with many of our customers in recent years as they convert to IP telephony, or SIP, to handle their voice requirements.There are two big reasons why companies are motivated to deal with the conversion – Their telephone system is antiquated and it is no […]

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Virtual Local Presence with VoIP or SIP

Chances are, if you’re like most business owners or managers, you’d love to get a better return on your investment for your advertising and marketing dollars.  For example, if you place an ad in a newspaper or on television, a few extra responses can significantly improve your […]

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Pinching Pennies with Long Distance Service

For many companies, moving their long distance service to VoIP has eliminated most, if not all, of their long distance charges.  Before you take it for granted that you will never see a bill for long distance charges again, there are a couple of things you should […]

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Is Free Long Distance Really Free?

We’ve all heard that there’s no such thing as free.With telecommunications, this is just as true as it is with any other “free” service. First, let’s clear something up.I want to make sure we know we are ignoring the things you get for free that you know […]

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Telecom Black Friday

Every year Christmas comes a month early for many who take advantage of Black Friday.B The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year.B I must admit that I don’t do well in crowds so shopping at the mall on Black Friday is not […]

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Innovation in Telecom

Speed of delivery and reliability are two of the main concerns for business leaders considering moving to bthe Cloudb.B Innovation in telecom along with the constantly improving and expanding global telecommunications infrastructure addresses both of these concerns b and many more. In the late 90s (shortly after […]

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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Consultant

01Mergers and Acquisitions
Sales is known as a high turnover profession, but the recent rash of mergers and acquisitions in telecom make it even more...
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