The World is Your Oyster with a Virtual Network

So, how can bjust in time technologyb make you more money.B Well, letbs go back to my first exposure with cost accounting and inventory management for an example. In our cost accounting class, the cases were primarily focused on manufacturing.B In the breal worldb post-college, I used […]

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Just In Time Technology

In the early 80bs, I was an eager college student taking accounting classes for my future career.B For many in my classes, just keeping debits and credits straight was an insurmountable struggle.B Somehow, for me, the orderly world of accounting was welcoming.B For every debit there must […]

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A Nifty Tool for Online Communication

Ibm going to break from my theme and show you a tool that just might transform your life.B For many of the people I work with every day, it has provided the bnext best thing to being thereb.B I will caution you, this is not a program […]

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Cloud Service Providers Help Diffuse the Ticking Time Bomb

Are you encrypting your outbound data?B And, if not, why not? Sure, much of the communication we send every day is not sensitive.B If it fell into the wrong hands, it wouldnbt make a bit of difference.B Still, Ibll bet there are days when you send communication […]

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Online Privacy b Mission Impossible Style

Protecting customer data isnbt the only concern for executive level management with online security.B Online privacy, and protecting company intellectual capital, is just as important. Your sensitive company data including the information in your customer relationship management software, proprietary forms, contracts with customers and suppliers, and your […]

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Is Your Head in the Sand with Online Security?

Businesses are increasingly vulnerable to experiencing a catastrophic loss resulting from a security breach.B Besides the direct costs associated with mitigating a data breach, loss of brand equity and subsequent disruption to a business can be significant. You might recall the data breach that compromised Sonybs Playstation […]

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WAN Optimization as a Service

Just about every technology service has now been virtualized.B And, wide area network optimization (WAN optimization) is no different. If youbre still using a public internet connection to access critical data and services, you know how frustrating it can be to experience the bvalleysb in bandwidth throughput.B […]

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Sleep Better at Night with Virtualization

How much does it cost to maintain a server? Arriving at a number can be a pretty challenging task.B Your analysis should include the hardware (server and router), software licenses, backup (hardware/software) and, of course, the time associated with installation and maintenance including applying updates, etc.B An […]

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Avoiding Trial and Error

Creating a network that can be easily (and securely) accessed from anywhere in the world has its advantages.B You can use resources from any corner of the globe to expand the products or services your business offers.B And, with a bit of creativity, you can tap into […]

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How Wide is Your WAN?

Managing multiple locations is riddled with issues that just donbt exist for the single location business.B Even if your single location is 100,000 square feet of space, itbs easier to get your arms around it.B Geographic diversification of your locations forces you to build a wide technology […]

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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Consultant

01Mergers and Acquisitions
Sales is known as a high turnover profession, but the recent rash of mergers and acquisitions in telecom make it even more...
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