Business Phone Services bIn the Cloudb

You donbt have to go very far these days to find a discussion related to bthe Cloudb-in this case business phone services.B There are many factors driving decision-makers to move to a VoIP PBX, but when does it make sense to move to hosted VoIP?

One of the most compelling reasons to go with a VoIP service that provides a turn-key VoIP PBX is scalability.B If you structure it right, you will have the ability to add or, more importantly, subtract users at will.B Being able to adjust to seasonality, short-duration contracts, and business fluctuations can be extremely beneficial.

But, the reasons for moving to a cloud-based VoIP phone system donbt stop there.B If you calculate your total cost of ownership, including some of the less obvious costs like time-savings, you will likely find that your overall costs will decrease with hosted IP telephony.

A hosted service will typically include the VoIP phone system, the business phone service, and the actual desk phone-all rolled into one per-user cost.B You wonbt need to worry about obsolescence or upgrades.B Theybll be taken care of for you-probably much more timely than what youbve experienced in the past.

And, why wouldnbt they?B The VoIP service provider is in the business of providing a VoIP PBX and has incentive to keep customers happy.

Whether you are interested in increasing sales or reducing expenses, a managed VoIP phone system could help you get there!

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