BYOD vs. Company-Owned

The headline reads bThe BYOD Revolution-and the Rising Application Insurrectionb.B The article compares the fervor over employees demanding to use their iPhones and iPads with the Casual Friday Rebellion from the b70s.B Many people currently in management level positions were part of the brank and fileb back in the b70s demanding a more relaxed work environment-starting with the Friday dress code.

In a relatively short period of time, this Revolution has resulted in quite a shift in management philosophy.B A ZK Research study found that 59% of companies responding allow employees to bring their own device with limited or full support.B And, you can imagine that deciding to provide full support for an employee owned device was not a decision that was easily arrived at.

As companies embrace BYOD, they are finding that the would-be cost savings are shifted to buying and supporting mobile device management solutions.B Costs can quickly get bout of handb with expanded help desk and reimbursements for corporate usage-at consumer rates!B B In fact, it is estimated that the per device cost for BYOD is $20 more than company-owned devices.

So, once again webre back to emphasizing the importance your corporate bBring Your Own Device Policyb-even if that policy is bNOb.

But, what do you do if you need to say bnob to highly valued employees that are demanding BYOD?B The answer is to find a wireless management solution that allows you to give employees the options they want while still allowing you to maintain control-over your costs and otherwise.

And, fortunately for you, we have a great solution for you.B With no cost or obligation, we will evaluate your mobile device management and show you where you can save time and money.B Just let us know youbre interested and webll set up a discovery call to get the process started.

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