Cable Companies Grow Up

The cable companies have been expanding their services dramatically in recent years.B Most of us use a cable company for our home television service – adding internet and possibly even a phone line to it.B Those same services were extended to businesses at a cost premium under the category of bbusiness classb.

As the cable companies seek to compete in the telecommunications arena for business customers, they have had to bgrow upb.B That growing has been done in great part with fiber.B This is the same fiber that delivers metro ethernet services.

This has been a welcome addition as an internet option for our customers.B If the service is available, it is delivered just like the service that would come from AT & T or the like.B The only difference b it is truly redundant.B The cable companies do not bplay niceb with the traditional carriers so their service is delivered 100% by them.B While there are benefits to having true redundancy, it can be a nuisance as well.

For a customer that has multiple locations qualifying for different services, we have ways of working around this nuisance.B There are companies that bplay niceb with cable companies AND traditional carriers.B This allows you to purchase a wide variety of services from one company making telecommunications expense management much easier.B And, in many instances, we find that we can save money to boot!

If youbd like to make a thorough review of your options, let us know.B Webre here to help.


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