Ca$h is King

It is interesting that many organizations are sitting on large stockpiles of cash.B Yes, webve been btoyingb with the concept of a recession for quite a few years now and businesses have used it as an argument for btightening the beltb.B Rather than spending on expansion, the goal has been to make the most out of the fewest resources.

In fact, organizations have limited corporate spending to technology that can be directly linked to increasing productivity.B Think faster desktop computers, mobility technology (tablets, smart phones), and virtualization.B And, if it increases productivity AND reduces overall costs, the decision is a bno brainerb.

Sometimes it is challenging to predict and, ultimately, measure productivity enhancements.B In fact, it can even be difficult to measure cost reductions especially when one cost offsets another.B These decisions tend to be complex and there are many bmoving partsb to evaluate.

This can lead to banalysis paralysisb.B If we canbt be certain that webll experience a significant return on investment, then how can we make the decision to move forward confidently?

Just about any well-constructed plan for improving technology can be broken down into quite a few potential areas where productivity increases are expected.B And, even with only a few employees, organizations can see small improvements in productivity bsnowballb into massive increases to the bottom line.

So, I have a way that I like to look at it.B If the payback seems ridiculously good, rather than spending a bunch of time analyzing every detail I ask myself bIs it likely that SOME of the predicted improvement will happen resulting in a reasonable ROI?bB If the answer is YES, then any further delay is doing nothing more than costing money.

While cash is still king, there is a point where watching it earn half of one percent in the bank is something youbd expect from the pauper.

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