Cloud-based Applications for Closing Sales

One of the most common cloud-based applications in use today is customer relationship management software or CRM.B Since it is in such widespread use, we can examine it for how it is facilitating the sales process and ways to leverage similar technology for even better results.

Most of us can recall the freedom we felt when we started using those early bbricksb also known as cell phones.B We captured many hours of otherwise unproductive time every week.B Those cell phones have evolved to interface with the CRM platform we use allowing us to keep better track of the ever-expanding communication history.

Get a phone call from a lead you talked to 6 months agob&no worries, your CRM app on your smart phone allows you to see the history so that you can further develop the relationship.

If you could call someone that has history with your organization or someone that requires you to spend a significant amount of time repeating much of what the former person already knowsb&who would you call?B And, more importantly, who do you think wins the business more often?

For full-adoption of the CRM, it has to be easy and convenient to use/update.B Thatbs the power of bthe Cloudb and mobile apps!

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