Cloud Service Providers Help Diffuse the Ticking Time Bomb

Are you encrypting your outbound data?B And, if not, why not?

Sure, much of the communication we send every day is not sensitive.B If it fell into the wrong hands, it wouldnbt make a bit of difference.B Still, Ibll bet there are days when you send communication that really should be kept private b but the hassle factor has you taking the bcrossed fingersb approach.

You know what Ibm referring to.B bIbll just cross my fingers and hope for the best.b

This might be a reasonable alternative for some companies.B For others, it is a ticking time bomb.B A breach that is discovered by a regulatory compliance officer can result in stiff fines and penalties b and thatbs after youbve incurred crippling legal fees.

So, the key is coming up with a solution that is low hassle and low cost.B Low cost is a bno brainerb.B Low hassle will lower the barrier to compliance.B If itbs easy to use, it will be!

Fortunately, there are cloud service providers that can help solve these problems.B For example, if youbre an Outlook user, the service would put an icon on your Outlook toolbar that makes sending messages securely very simple.B Itbs also important to consider the recipient of the message.B If it takes a computer bgeekb to figure out how to open the message, you will not have a good experience.

One of the other forms of communication that is growing in adoption is video chat.B If you are having sensitive business conversations using Skype, you might want to re-think your company policy.B There are some high quality, low cost alternatives for business class video conferencing that are worthy of consideration.

Unless youbre whispering in someonebs ear, you are probably communicating over a data network.B And, this data is vulnerable.B By implementing a few key pieces of technology, you can significantly bolster your defenses.

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