Cloud Services bMixed Bagb for Halloween

The theme for the day is pretty broad.B Ibm always looking for ways to make telecommunications management easier for our clients b and the readers of Recipes for Success.B In most instances, I look at one solution from a few different angles.B Today is more of a bmixed bagb.

I guess thatbs OK.B It is Halloween!

So, itbs a bit like that feeling you got when you walked up the sidewalk approaching the front door.B Your mind was racing wondering what would be added to your Halloween bag at this stop.B Trick or treat?

I hope youbll find this issue to be a btreatb.B It covers several different telecom management issues and suggests applications to help deal with them.B As I point out, even simply btest drivingb the applications can provide some great ideas for how to improve the way youbre currently doing things.

Webll look at several points of concern for business owners and managers including managing customer service, telecom inventory and security passwords.B As you can see, a bmixed bagb.

When I was looking for a common theme, I returned to the Cloud.B All of these concerns can be addressed by some bbest in classb application that is delivered by a cloud service provider.B And, at the risk of defeating my purpose, I need to remind you that managing your cloud services is one more point of concern.

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