Collaboration as a Benefit of Teleworking

Teleworkers are found far and wide.B Thanks to the benefits of telecommunications technology, we can bworkb from anywhere there is internet access.B Still, for many teleworkers, the missing component to improving productivity is effective collaboration.

Now, I think this discussion would be lacking if I didnbt point out that there is some benefit to making collaboration less convenient-and more structured.B There is a lot of time wasted collaborating baround the water coolerb.B With employees more geographically diversified, formal collaboration needs to be scheduled.B And, when it does take place, needs to foster creativity.

Thatbs why people like to get out of the office for meetings.B A different environment can make it easier to share ideas and minimize the hierarchy present in the office environment.B Solutions may be easier to arrive at when youbre not surrounded by the way itbs always been done.

But, how can teleworkers benefit from collaboration?B With many teleworkers doing what they do thousands of miles from their co-workers, embracing state-of-the-art collaboration tools can be the difference between success and bhitting the ball out of the parkb.B Thatbs where video conferencing comes in.

If youbve attended a video conference recently, you can probably relate to what Ibm sharing.B Therebs a dramatic improvement in the level of engagement between an audio conference and a video conference.B With video conferencing, you donbt multi-task.B It is much closer to the experience of meeting face to face-or should I say in the same geographic location.

So, if youbre considering providing a teleworking arrangement for some of your staff or have teleworkers but need to improve productivity, having a business-class video conferencing platform at your disposal is key.

We have several hosted video conferencing solutions which will allow you to keep your capital expenditures low and options high.B Let us know if youbre interested in exploring how you might put this evolving technology to work for your business.

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