Collaboration with Video Conferencing

Webve been watching the growth of video conferencing over the last few years.B Not surprising, the early-adopters have some barrows in their backsb.B At this point though, video conferencing has evolved so far that therebs no turning back.

So, what should you look for in a business-class video conferencing solution?B Herebs a few bmust havesbb&

  1. The solution must allow you to bridge in people from outside the organizationb&easily!
  2. Participants must be able to use any platformb&conference room, desktop, iPad, smart phone.
  3. Bandwidth management tools must be built-in to the administration.

Your organization will likely have additional features that are required or bmust havesb but using the above criteria is a great starting point for evaluating any video conferencing solution.

I hope this helps you find the video conferencing solution thatbs right for you!

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