Collocation vs. Virtualization with Your Telecommunications Company

Or, maybe the better approach is collocation AND virtualization!

One of the most in-demand services for a telecommunications company is virtualization.B This includes virtual servers and desktops.B In one of the sessions I attended at the recent conference, I played with a virtual Windows desktop on an iPad.B Yes, I was working on an Excel spreadsheet on an iPad.

With all the different types of devices that are used to access data, it is quickly becoming commonplace to see bbest in breedb technology work across any platform.B And, more importantly, end-users are expecting it.

So, should you just collocate the server you already have to take advantage of some of the ways collocation can mitigate your risk of losing your data?B Or, should you move into a more advanced virtual environment b one that might even cost you less to maintain b to benefit from the advanced technology that is becoming available?

What would I like to leave you with?B As it is with just about all dueling questions, the answer that is right for your situation canbt be arrived at until your options are given appropriate consideration.B When youbre ready to start exploring your options with a telecommunications company, remember we are your bgo tob company for all things telecom at Go To Telecom.

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