Conferencing Solutions

Conferencing Solutions

Go To Telecom offers a variety of innovative and cost-effective teleconferencing solutions from a number of conferencing service providers. Our conferencing services include:

Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing solutions allow you to set up a conference without having to require each participant to be physically present. It goes beyond a simple phone call; adding valuable features such as call recording, polling, security, and invitation management. In today’s economy, audio conferencing services are especially vital, since they allow a company to keep travel costs to a minimum, while still allowing for collaboration to take place.   [ Read More About Audio Conferencing ]

Video Conferencing

It’s not just “the next best thing” to being there, it’s better than being there. The cost advantage of video conferencing solutions is enormous when compared to paying for business travel, accommodations and staff per diem expenses. And besides the immediate cost advantage, holding meetings that utilize video conferencing services, web video conferencing, or secure video conferencing allows for a much greater level of efficiency. More people from more places can participate, and this means that your business gets done quicker and with greater levels of participation.   [ Read More About Video Conferencing ]

Virtual Meetings

The state of collaboration software has advanced today, ushering in a whole new era of how work actually gets done. In the information age, every employee, worker, contractor and supplier is awash in data, documents and files, and this data must not only be shared, it also must be worked on by many different parties, usually in different locations.   [ Read More About Virtual Meetings ]

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing services have come of age, today delivering a range of sophisticated features — either in-house or via a hosted Internet conferencing service — at rapidly decreasing cost. Web conferencing solutions are often used for training purposes, as well as for sales and other business meetings, or seminars (Webinars). Another common feature is the ability to integrate presentation software with live web conferencing. More sophisticated secure web conferencing systems may also include application sharing, which is particularly useful for instructional meetings or for technical support sessions. Tech support can also be enhanced with the addition of remote control to interactive web conferencing sessions.   [ Read More About Web Conferencing ]

Find Out More

At Go To Telecom, there are real people behind the website, ready to give you personalized guidance towards finding the perfect and most cost-effective solution for you. To find out more about the conferencing solutions offered by Go To Telecom, please feel free to contact us at any time. For quick access to details on pricing and service information, please complete our Carrier Services Quote Tool.


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