Cross Your Tbs and Dot Your Ibs with Cable Service

Disaster recovery is a btop of mindb concern for many businesses.B There are countless predictable (and even more unpredictable) ways that a company could face disaster.B Regardless of the circumstances, the ability to get back to work quickly is critical for survival.

But, the cost of a comprehensive disaster recovery program may be out of reach for some businesses.B The key word here is bcomprehensiveb.B Maybe 70 to 80% is good enough b if itbs affordable.

This is a situation where cable can fit in nicely with your other telecommunications infrastructure.

One of the most cost-efficient ways to address disaster recovery is to use an online backup service.B B We have several that we work with and there are many things to take into account when selecting one b but thatbs a discussion for another day.B Today, webll assume that you have made a decision to use an online backup service for your critical data.

Now, the problem is getting the data to bthe Cloudb without bogging down your primary data network.B Oila!B An inexpensive cable circuit might be all you need to move that data transfer off your network.B And, if configured properly, you can use the cable circuit for redundancy.B If your primary data network fails, your users will see minimal disruption as their connection is re-routed over the cable circuit.

What would I like to leave you with?B If you havenbt considered cable, you should.B If youbre already using cable, there may be some factors that were not given thorough consideration.B Itbs not too late to circle back around and make sure youbve bcrossed your tbs and dotted your Ibsb.B Remember, webre here to help.

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