Customer Service Telecom-style

It has been a particularly frustrating week here at Go To Telecom b and itbs only Tuesday!B We have to keep reminding ourselves that the reason we have a job is due to the fact that customer service in telecom is sorely lacking.

For example, my partner, Charlie Frangos, has been on the phone most of the afternoon on bassignmentb from one of our customers.B They are transitioning to SIP and we need to make sure we have accounted for all of their phone numbers.

The telecommunications provider (which shall remain nameless) demonstrated classic bbadb customer service-even for telecom.B Charlie talked to 5 different people in a couple of hours.B Important to note-he had to call back every time since most of the people he talked to didnbt want to stay on the phone long enough to answer the questions or even find the right person to transfer him to.B Granted, it is pretty involved, but isnbt that the job of customer service for telecom?

So, itbs good to know that our job security is intact!B Our customers rely on us to help them navigate the treacherous waters filled with telecom products and acronyms.B We know when webre getting the bstraight storyb and more importantly-when webre not.B If youbre having customer service challenges with your telecommunications provider, webre here to help!

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