Down-size or Right-size with Teleworkers?

I read an article this week that reminded me of the challenges businesses face as they look to bridge the divide between their Baby Boomer staff and their Gen-X or even Gen-Y staff.B As a bBoomerb, I grew up with a focus on hard work and being productive.B Going to the office was part of the bdrillb.

Even before I sold my accounting firm in 1997, I realized that the work force was evolving.B We needed to adapt the work environment to make it comfortable for the younger generation without losing the productivity that bBoomersb are known for.

One of the many ways companies are evolving involves embracing telework.B The telework arrangement provides employees with flexibility in their work location and hours.B Beyond telecommuting, which refers to the elimination of the daily commute to a central workplace, telework is a much broader term.

Telework involves substituting information technologies like telecommunications and computers for work-related travel.B The work comes to youb&rather than you going to work.B For example, these nomad workers use mobile telecommunications technology to work from anywhere.B The Panera Bread near us provides a visual example of this.B On any given weekday, there are business meetings happening at many of the tablesb&made obvious by all the laptops and other mobile technology.

Interestingly, these meetings are not only happening among workers who donbt have a formal office where they can meet.B Sometimes itbs preferable to get out of the office for some creative collaboration.

This is leading to less need for large offices with big conference rooms.B Rather, people would prefer to squeeze around a table at Panera Bread enjoying a snack as they bthink outside the boxb-literally.

As long-term leases expire, companies are re-thinking their approach to providing a productive work environment.B Is it down-sizing or right-sizing?B I believe that, in this case, less is more!

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