Fool Proof Disaster Recovery

Youbve got a fool-proof disaster recovery plan that youbve tested.B Your disaster simulation provided the comfort you need to go back to bbusiness as usualb.B Still, Ibm wondering.

Your data may be available – but will your staff have access to it?

One of our cloud service providers that specializes in providing hosted voice services is headquartered in New York with their main collocated data facility in New Jersey.B Obviously, Sandy put them to the test.B Fortunately, they passed b with flying colors!

They have redundant equipment at a collocation facility in Dallas.B If there was a disruption in service, customers certainly didnbt feel it.B The only issue that did cause a bit of delay was their inability to access information that is bat the officeb.B The office was inaccessible for several days.

You simply canbt duplicate everything.B And, in the case of an unpredictable disaster b like a fire b there will be bthingsb that must be replaced.

Most companies count on staff working from home if a disaster were to strike.B Sandy has shown us that our staff may not have facilities either.B This is a great example where geographic diversity of your staff makes sense.

Rather than being concerned with telecommuting and making it easy for staff to work from home one or two days a week, it might make more sense to eliminate the need for visits to the office altogether.B With staff hundreds or even thousands of miles away, even a disaster that stretches across an entire region will have little impact on your ability to continue operating.

Technology is changing even more rapidly than the “light speed” we’ve become accustomed to. B If you get too far behind it gets more and more difficult to catch up. B Go To Telecom can help you stay ahead of the learning curve. B Our 20+ years of cumulative experience with systems and infrastructure can help you see issues that you will encounter before they become a disaster for your business.

What would I like to leave you with?B When youbre reviewing your disaster recovery plan (which I know you have moved WAY UP on the priority list), make geographic diversity an important component.B Not just with your data b with your staff as well.B There is great technology available today that allows you to virtualize just about every process.B Let us know if youbd like some help facilitating the discussion.


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