Gartnerbs Trends for 2012

Every year we attend the Channel Partnerbs Conferenceb&typically in late March.B One of the highlights is the keynote presentation with Tiffani Bova from Gartner.B She always shares a couple of observations that can put you ahead of the curveb&if youbre paying attention.

This year, she shared that there is a new trend emerging for IT.B Gartner has noticed that many IT purchase decisions are moving out of the IT department and into new buying centers within the organizationb&typically marketing!

We found this particularly interesting and thought webd do a bit of research with our own clients when we got back from the conference.

In fact, that is exactly whatbs happening.B For example, one of our larger customers just placed an order for a massive increase to bandwidth across their entire MPLS network.B This customer is notoriously slow to make a decision and put ink to paper, but in this case, the decision-making process was swift.

What drove their hasty decision?B The marketing department!B When technology is holding the organization backb&itbs much easier to motivate the decision-makers to move quickly.

When I taught business courses at the University, students regularly asked me what major I would recommend.B Wellb&I am a CPA, so accounting is a bno brainerb for me.B But, I always recommend they add a second major or at least a minor in marketing.B Marketing savvy is essential for successb&regardless of your chosen professional emphasis.

I hope this stirs up some new ideas for you!

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