How Much is Too Much? – Evaluating the Risk of a Disaster

Disaster recovery has been contemplated by most organizations.B If your company is at all regulated, you probably created a disaster recovery plan and filed it with the regulatory agency.

Is that enough?B And, has it been tested?

Therebs nothing like a good disaster simulation to force you to think about things that wouldnbt normally come to mind-until there is an actual disaster, of course.B Once you know what youbll likely face, itbs much easier to determine whether itbs a risk youbre willing to take.

Can you live with the simple bsend everyone home planb?B If so, make sure you have a good off-site backup that has been fully tested and youbre in good shape.B If not, you need to consider more costly alternatives that will mitigate much more risk.

When I ran the CPA firm, we didnbt have the relatively inexpensive ways to mitigate these risks that exist today.B When a server went down, we lost thousands of dollars.B It was a risk and a cost we lived with.

What would I like to leave you with?B If you havenbt tested your backup recently, donbt put it off any longer.B And, really contemplate the risk youbre taking with the disaster recovery plan youbve adopted.

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