How to Minimize IT Security Risks

Not to bbeat a dead horseb, but I need to remind you that you are already taking significant risks in the Cloud every day.B While there are many examples, if you use online banking you are exchanging convenience for information security.B In other words, you are at risk.

Refusing to adopt the Cloud because of threats to information security might be costing your organization dearly.B Doesnbt it make more sense to minimize the IT security risks rather than attempt to avoid them altogether.B Again, we really canbt completely avoid the risk.

There are a few things to consider which may sway your understanding about IT security risks in the Cloud.

  1. Most security breaches are operational vs. technical.B Establishing policies and procedures (along with consequences for non-compliance) can provide a more secure operational environment.
  2. Many Cloud service providers are required to have regulatory compliance audits and approvals in place to sell their services in certain niche markets.B Think healthcare or financial services.B All customers benefit from these bbest practicesb.
  3. The bbest in breedb Cloud service providers will have a team of people whose primary focus in on maintaining security.B They are bplugged inb to the hacker world and know much better what to watch for than those of us in the real world.

If you are in a regulated industry, using a Cloud service provider might alleviate a lot of headaches.B They will handle many security concerns for you.B Still, you must have policies and procedures for addressing information life cycle management, disaster recovery, redundancy, and the list goes on!

While the perception might be that adopting the Cloud for certain secure data is btoo risky for prime timeb, the reality might be just the opposite.B Cloud service providers may be more diligent in protecting sensitive data and systems spreading the burden over a much wider base of users than that of the individual organization.

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