How Unified Are Your Business Communications Solutions?

Most of you are familiar with the term bunified communicationsb.B By my standards, most flavors of unified communications are not unified at all.B Until I have one phone number and e-mail inbox to manage, my communications will not truly be unified.

What I have seen is significant stretching of what is referred to as unified communications.B For example, if staff is assigned one phone number with voice mail and it has a bfind me, follow meb feature enabled, that is referred to as unified communications.

It only takes one call returned from a cell phone for the caller ID to be stored.B Now, someone who calls you regularly no longer has a single number to reach you.B A similar thing is true for e-mail.

I have a number of e-mail addresses that I manage for different purposes.B And, just like most technologically advanced professionals, I have several ways I pick up e-mail.B I have an iPad, a Blackberry, a laptop and a desktop computer.

A decision had to be made.B I only manage my e-mail from my laptop.B I may read or (in limited instances) even respond from one of my other devices, but the management is done in one place.B YES, I truly manage my inbox.B My junk and spam is thoroughly reviewed.B I review all mail in my regular inbox and strive to have an empty inbox, if not daily, at least every week.

True unified communications would make this much easier.B If everything was really synchronized, it would eliminate quite a bit of duplication of effort.B Ibm pretty good at remembering what Ibve already reviewed on another device, but will admit to re-reviewing things regularly.

So, until my bsmart phoneb is smart enough to be my single phone number, hold my single contact database, and manage all my e-mail, as far as Ibm concerned, Ibm still waiting for unified communications.B Until then, I guess I will continue to use several devices to create my own unified communications management system.




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