Hundreds of Thousands X Hundreds

I donbt watch much news.B I prefer to stay focused on what I do have some control over.B It is impossible to completely avoid it if youbre not a recluse with no television, radio, cell phone, computer or access to any current publications.B In other words, there are leaks.B And, when we were in South Carolina during the Republican primary election, there was constant media coverage as the candidates made their way around the state.

When the reporters talked to potential voters, they werenbt focused on the issues but rather the nuisance that the election process was in their lives.B People couldnbt wait for it to be over so that all the phone calls would stop.B Sure b the direct mail was annoying too.B Itbs easier to just dump that in the trash if youbre not interested.B When the phone rings, your personal space is invaded.

So, why do they do it?B Well, there are people that are paid bbig bucksb to track the before and after statistics in a campaign.B In this case, before a major phone call initiative and after.B Apparently, it works.B For those people that were bfence sittersb, talking to someone about the issues that were of individual concern to them made a difference.

The problem is b you have to call hundreds of thousands of people hundreds of times to reach the few that can be swayed.B Did you get that?B Hundreds of thousands X hundreds.B And, each one of these calls requires system resources to complete.

There is new technology that allows companies to do a much better job targeting the customers they are highly likely to get a positive response from.B Letbs hope that some really smart people figure out how to apply that to the marketing of political candidates.B If the calls were only made to a small percentage of the voters, it would significantly reduce the nuisance factor and save tons of money!

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