If Youbre Not Growing, Youbre Dying

I stumbled across a little tidbit I didnbt know today.B One of the telecommunications mergers over the last couple of years was Level 3 and Global Crossing.B This much I knew.B If you donbt do business internationally, you probably never heard of Global Crossing.B But, for Level 3, it was an auspicious move.

What I didnbt know is that Netflix is one of Level 3bs customers.B And, Netflix has customers all over the world. We are a Netflix customer b one of the ones theybre trying to get rid of since we still have DVDs mailed to us.B The customers Netflix is focused on are the ones that rely on downloading.B (As a side note, we did just purchase a new blu-ray player that may allow us to take a thorn out of Netflixbs side.)

Imagine having a customer with the bandwidth requirements of a Netflix.B Wow! B There are probably only a handful of companies that require that sort of infrastructure.B And, an even smaller number that require that infrastructure to be global.

What would I like to leave you with?B While there are growing pains with any merger or acquisition, sometimes it is a decision that simply must be made to stay competitive.B In order to have the resources to continually improve your products/services/infrastructure, you may need to go outside your own bboxb.

As the saying goes, if youbre not growing – youbre dying.B If youbd like to breathe some new life into your business infrastructure, webre here to help.

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