Innovation in Telecom

Speed of delivery and reliability are two of the main concerns for business leaders considering moving to bthe Cloudb.B Innovation in telecom along with the constantly improving and expanding global telecommunications infrastructure addresses both of these concerns b and many more.

In the late 90s (shortly after retiring from the accounting profession), I was involved with a visionary group that was developing cloud-based file storage for accounting firms.B If you recall, in those days most homes still had a dial-up connection to the internet.B Businesses were moving quickly towards technology that demanded internet access, but few had the bandwidth to use services that required it to maintain productivity.

Needless to say, the idea was ahead of its time.B Now, itbs common for a business to use a cloud service provider for file storage, data backup, or even applications that are used in breal timeb.B If there is a software application that runs well in a localized environment, chances are it can be moved to bthe Cloudb.B This allows it to be leveraged over a broader user base b which reduces the cost for everyone.

How is your business putting innovation in telecom to good use?

  • Are you using a cloud-based customer relationship management program that is available for your customer service and sales staff from any device with an internet connection?
  • Are you using VoIP technology for your business phone service which allows you to better scale the services you are paying for to what you actually need?
  • Are you storing your data off-premises using a cloud service provider so that your staff can share files from any location giving you a state of the art data access and recovery solution without breaking the bank?
  • Are you outsourcing your e-mail service to a cloud service provider who offers Hosted Exchange to take advantage of improvements in e-mail management?
  • Have you created your own cloud using a collocation facility to provide you with a secure location for your servers that rivals Ft. Knox?

These are just a few of the ways that businesses are using telecom innovation to drive innovation close to home.B Take a few minutes to contemplate how you are using bthe Cloudb to continuously improve your business.B And, where you may not be taking advantage of it but should.

With technology as your partner, all you have to do is let your imagination run wild.B Chances are, if you can imagine it b it is possible!

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