Insuring for the Inevitable – Disaster Recovery Planning

So, youbre convinced that you need a disaster recovery plan but you donbt want to bbreak the bankb with it.B If your house is worth $300,000 and you had to pay $100,000 per year to insure it, youbd likely say bIbll take my chances.bB With disaster recovery, you have a similar situation to ponder.

What are the primary ways a company can prepare for a disaster?

  1. Have a timely backup with a restoration plan that has been fully tested.B This doesnbt have to cost much relative to the risk you take not having one.B The backup should include an appropriate schedule to make sure you have several backup files available if necessary.B At our Go To Appx store, we have several cost-effective options available.
  2. Create a plan for the inevitable circuit outage that lasts more than an hour.B You can add a lot of cost here or just plan to send everyone home to work.B Most people have some sort of high-speed internet access at their homes nowadays.B You will need to be able to easily forward your main phone number to voice mail or a cell phone.
  3. Prepare for continuity regardless of the bdisasterb.B You can send people home to work, but how will they access the files they need?B Thatbs where collocation comes in.B Collocating your servers eliminates much of the risk of significant downtime. With collocation, you will have the cost of the space in the facility AND the cost of the bandwidth to get there.

So, whatbs your disaster recovery plan?B Have you considered your options and evaluated the cost vs. risk?B We have lots of great solutions to help you put a plan in place regardless of your budget.B If you maintain your own servers, I urge you to evaluate options for collocation to see how much a continuity plan would cost.

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