Is Your Big Data Messy?

I guess we should start by defining Big Data.B For these purposes, webll define Big Data as any sort of data that canbt be stored or analyzed by the existing database or analytics solution in use by a business.B As data grows from gigabytes to terabytes, the way we access the data must evolve as well.

Couple expanding data storage with bthe Cloudb and you can quickly see that developing improved access and delivery methods are critical to maintaining and improving productivity.B At a certain point, expanding bandwidth is not an effective solution.

One of the ways we are seeing companies manage their data access is with the use of virtual desktop solutions.B bBest in classb virtual desktop solutions are platform agnostic.B What can this do for you?

For one, you can run a windows desktop on an iPad.B For that matter, you can access your desktop with just about any device b all you need is an internet connection.B All the bheavy liftingb is done at the host so the bandwidth required is minimal.

What would I like to leave you with?B Data is not shrinking.B And, any effort to bcontrolb it, is futile!B The best way to approach the problem is with an open mind.B There are lots of ways to bskin the proverbial catb.

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