Is Your Head in the Sand with Online Security?

Businesses are increasingly vulnerable to experiencing a catastrophic loss resulting from a security breach.B Besides the direct costs associated with mitigating a data breach, loss of brand equity and subsequent disruption to a business can be significant.

You might recall the data breach that compromised Sonybs Playstation Network. Itbs estimated that the incident cost Sony over $20 million in lost subscriber revenue while the system was taken offline. In addition, since proper security techniques were not used to protect the sensitive information for over 70 million subscribers, Sony suffered significant damage to its brand equity and future revenue potential.

Still, how do you balance the cost of creating an bairtightb infrastructure with the need for systems that make doing business easy and highly productive?B Not an easy task!B And, even if you have created an bairtightb infrastructure, are you willing to enforce it?

In fact, a global enterprise installed a data leak prevention system to scan the outbound e-mail of their 100,000 employees. Much to their surprise they learned that, on average, more than 1,000 e-mail messages per day containing credit card numbers were being transmitted in the clear across the public Internet. They knew about these transmissions for three years b and still no corrective action was taken. Why? According to their CCO, those e-mail messages represented too much revenue to the company to stop them. Jobs would be at risk if a system was implemented that disrupted those workflows.

So, bsticking your head in the sandb is probably not the best approach to the problem of online security and privacy.B Fortunately, there are some tools that can tackle the job without breaking the bank.B The first step is to survey the landscape so that you know where your weaknesses are to focus your resources.B From there, you can find the best tool for the job.

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