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In the early 80bs, I was an eager college student taking accounting classes for my future career.B For many in my classes, just keeping debits and credits straight was an insurmountable struggle.B Somehow, for me, the orderly world of accounting was welcoming.B For every debit there must be a credit.B The books had to balance!

One of the most interesting classes I took was cost accounting.B Most people think of cost accounting (if they think of it at all) as something that is used in manufacturing.B Actually, cost accounting applies to just about every business b if youbre willing to put that much work into bthe numbersb.

The underlying goal of cost accounting is inventory management.B And, before you dismiss this, let me warn you.B Your business definitely has inventory b whether you think if it that way or not.B To prove my point quickly, your employeesb time is inventory for your business. Itbs a resource that, when managed well, produces tremendous results.

A key to increasing the gross margin in any business is to make sure you have just the right amount of inventory exactly when you need it b referred to as just in time inventory.B 30+ years ago when I was learning about cost accounting, there was no internet to track shipments.B In fact, computers were not something that we stared at all day.B They were gi-normous and, in most cases, not on the premises. And, a bsmartb phone that worked anywhere was inconceivable.

So, I like to think of virtualization as a way to improve inventory management or, if itbs easier to bget your head around itb, as a way to improve resource management.B It is also interesting to note that we are now moving back to technology that is off-premise.B If you stick around long enough, things definitely come full circle.

Are you ready to challenge yourself to do a better job of managing your inventory with what I like to call bjust in time technologyb.B If so, webre here to help guide the discovery process.


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