Life is a Beach!

In typical fashion, the last few days before vacation tend to contract.B Or, maybe itbs just that we try to squeeze in too many things from our bto do listb so that we can leave without a bunch of loose ends.B In my defense, I have added several things this week that were not factored in when I made my pre-vacation week plan.

Which brings me to the reason for this abbreviated issue – I just didnbt get it done!B Why, you might ask?B We are headed to the beach b Hilton Head is our beach of choice.

Thanks to our extensive use of technology, you would not have even known that if I didnbt bfess upb.B If you do reach out to us in the next couple of weeks, you might listen for the sound of waves crashing in the background.B We are happy to take our work with us wherever we go b and donbt mind the occasional intrusion.

What would I like to leave you with?B As the summer comes to a close, we tend to take inventory of what webve accomplished thus far this year.B September and October must be put to good use if we are hoping to bring a project to completion prior to yearbs end.B So, I encourage you to revisit your goals and objectives for 2012 and put together a plan of action.B Webll be doing the same!


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