Making Sense of Your Telecom Bill

We are convinced that many telecom companies make their invoice impossibly difficult to review so that most will not even try.B Once you get past the first one or two invoices, if the amount is close it gets paid with little scrutiny.B Actually, for larger organizations this is true for just about any ongoing cost.

Most of the time, this approach works just fine.B Itbs important to remember, however, that you must dispute any charge you disagree with on your telecom bill fairly quickly or the telecom company may refuse to credit you for it, even if itbs their mistake.

In fact, webve been talking to one of our customers over the last month or so who renewed his service without involving us.B The carrier failed to apply the reduced rate that accompanied the renewal.B It was over a year before the mistake was discovered.B This particular carrier allows a 90-day period to dispute charges.B So, they gave the customer a credit for a very small portion of the amount they agree would have been appropriate had the customer been billed properly every month.

Needless to say, the customer and carrier are not experiencing a bmeeting of the mindsb at this time.

Reviewing the most recent invoice is one of the things we do when webre working on a renewal for a customer.B We want to see what is actually being billed and determine whether itbs appropriate and even necessary.B Since most of what appears on a telecom bill is bgibberishb to anyone that is a telecom industry outsider, we often find services that a customer is paying for but no longer uses.

There are many ways we bearn our keepb.B Providing assistance with telecommunications management and related telecom expense management are just a couple of the ways companies benefit from choosing to do business with Go To Telecom.B If youbd like us to take a look at your most recent telecom bill, webd be happy to do that.

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