Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services

Save Time and Money with Managed Network Services

In the area of telecom, managed network services have become important, particularly as businesses continue to expand beyond their physical borders. Even smaller companies today require connectivity with multiple partners, often on the other side of the world; as well as remote workers in different locations, teleworkers, and suppliers. The telecommunications infrastructure required to maintain this broad-based telecom network can be immense and require a substantial amount of overhead, and managed network services can reign in the complexity and relieve some of the burden from the internal IT staff.

Telecom outsourcing is one of the more common types of managed network services; carriers and providers are well equipped to handle not only the provisioning of services, but also the ongoing maintenance, regular updates, and reporting that are required.

Telecom Outsourcing

Telecom requirements can be very complex, and outsourcing everything from the initial sourcing, to the ongoing maintenance has become common and often results in substantial cost savings. The outsourcing agency will typically have access to more information, more deals, and more providers than are available to an individual buyer, which often makes this option the best way to get not only the best price, but the best service for your particular situation.

The Service Level Agreement

In any type of managed services, and especially in telecom managed services, the service level agreement (SLA) is the most important element of the contract. The SLA lays out in specific terms what the provider is going to offer, sets out metrics for performance, and establishes consequences for when those metrics are not met. In general, look for an SLA that offers very specific measurements. Instead of an SLA that says the provider will offer “adequate” uptime or some other vague term, look for an SLA that provides a specific number, such as 99% uptime. Further, the SLA should lay out a penalty for when the provider does not measure up, such as a discount for that period’s service.

Continuous Management

For smaller businesses especially, which may not have 24×7 staff coverage, telecom managed services are an excellent option. The service will deliver around-the-clock coverage and immediate response to issues and problems, and will often incorporate necessary elements such as backup and disaster recovery.

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At Go To Telecom, there are real people behind the website, ready to give you personalized guidance towards finding the perfect and most cost-effective solution for you. To find out more about the Managed Network Services offered by Go To Telecom, please feel free to contact us at any time. For quick access to details on pricing and service information, please complete our Carrier Services Quote Tool.


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