Managing Video Bandwidth

One of the biggest costs (that is most-often an afterthought) in deploying enterprise-wide video conferencing is bandwidth.B Even with the cost of bandwidth coming way down in recent yearsb&video can chew up all the savings and then some.

You might think that your network handles this for you.B Think again!B Most networks are configured with bclass of serviceb.B Typically, video is configured to go first.B So, with just a few people making video calls your network could come to a grinding halt.

The good news is that many video conferencing solutions realize this and have built-in ways to manage bandwidth that make turning your organization loose with video conferencing much less risky.

Your video conferencing solution needs to allow you to plan how much bandwidth video can use.B And, the best-in-class solutions, split video and voice so that even if the bandwidth drops momentarily there will likely still be enough to maintain the voice portion of the call.B When the bandwidth returns, the video comes right back.B Say goodbye to dropped calls!

What would I like to leave you with?B Consider how you will manage the bandwidth requirements of video conferencing very early on in the decision-making process.

Yesb&we do sell bandwidth.B But, I want to make sure you get the most bbang for the buckb.B Heyb&Ibm a CPA.B Old habits die hard!

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