Managing Your Telecom Inventory with TEM

Webve discussed Telecom Expense Management (TEM) in the past and our position hasnbt changed.B If youbre managing the telecom resources used by more than a few staff, youbre likely missing opportunities for savings that have bslipped through the cracksb.

One of the ways that many companies (and their IT departments) benefit from implementing a TEM solution is through improved inventory management.B Without managing your inventory, you canbt possibly be managing your expenses.

This goes beyond the circuits, phone lines, and other carrier services that youbve contracted and paid for.B It extends to the physical assets b like computers, laptops, smart phones and other devices assigned to staff.

TEM inventory management begins with the process of creating the inventory as it exists today.B While this is a difficult job, even more difficult is maintaining the inventory on regular basis.B Any personnel, equipment, or carrier change must be updated or the time you spent setting the system up will quickly become useless.

Thatbs why many businesses choose to outsource their TEM to a company that has qualified and diligent staff that are dedicated to just this task.B And, the cost is typically covered by the savings that are uncovered.B If youbd like to discuss your options for implementing a Telecom Expense Management solution in your business, just let us know!

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