Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet for Connecting Branch Offices

Metro Ethernet, sometimes called Carrier Ethernet, is a technology that can be used to easily create wide area networks (WANs) that interconnect multiple branch offices to each other and to the Internet. The technology, typically offered by a large telecom carrier, provides a useful alternative to older metropolitan network solutions based on more costly SONET technology. Carrier-class Ethernet allows for the same high speeds and performance of SONET, but at much lower cost.

While the most common usage of Metro Ethernet is for businesses to connect to a carrier’s Ethernet backbone for inter-office connectivity and Internet access, a larger enterprise may also deploy their own Metro Ethernet to establish interconnection between many branch offices.

Self-Healing Technology

Some of the greatest benefits of SONET-based metropolitan networking was SONET’s inherent self-healing mechanism, which allowed for automatic bypass around a failed point in the network; along with superior quality of service characteristics. Metro Ethernet today provides those same benefits. In addition, because capacity can be allocated in real time, incidence of congested networks can be a thing of the past.

Metro Ethernet is flexible as well, and can be delivered as Ethernet over SONET or Ethernet over MPLS, although several major carriers are already moving towards replacing SONET with Metro Ethernet on a large scale.

Multiple Types of Traffic

Metro Ethernet is capable of providing transport for multiple data types, and can be useful for voice, data, and video; effectively allowing corporate users to deploy VoIP over their Metro Ethernet connections as well as web and video conferencing.

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