MPLS Labels

Using the MPLS label is key to optimizing bclass of serviceb on an MPLS network.B The label switching is what tells the network, at every point along the way, what to do with the packet of data.B This includes prioritization.

MPLS is so efficient with bandwidth that you may get a bit relaxed with your bandwidth management.B Unless there is some company-wide event taking place where everyone is using bandwidth at the same time, it will seem like therebs plenty to spare.

And so, the question, what else can we do with this network to get more bbang for the buckb?

Thatbs typically when an organization starts considering running voice services over the network.B Voice is much less forgiving when it comes to bandwidth utilization.B If there is not plenty of bandwidth available for the duration of the call, the call quality will suffer b and you may even get dropped calls.

The solution is to add the MPLS label for bclass of serviceb to the data packet that represents the voice call.B Now, the bandwidth required for the voice packet is preserved.B This same process works for video conferencing traffic, or any other latency or bandwidth-sensitive traffic, as well.

You can even benefit from using this technology if you have a single location.B Some of our carriers will deliver the circuit as MPLS b allowing you to move your data with the same MPLS labels that organizations with hundreds of locations do.

What would I like to leave you with?B MPLS is not just for large geographically diverse organizations.B Itbs a great time to see how switching it up with MPLS would benefit your company.

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