No Forklift Required

Herebs something you might find interesting.B All voice traffic travels over the bbackboneb using SIP.B Whether your bhandoffb is analog, digital, or SIP, once it leaves your office – itbs SIP.

In our digital world made challenging with a sluggish economy, most companies are reluctant to spend a bunch of money buying a fancy new phone system.B We communicate with e-mail and smart phones, making the desk phone much less relevant.B Still, we need to be able to have a blandlineb phone conversation when necessary.

So, without that bforkliftb removal of the old legacy equipment, is it realistic to even consider converting to a SIP handoff?

In the last couple of years, the equipment required to convert the signal from SIP (the carrierbs signal) to your phone systembs signal of choice has gotten better and cheaper b as it is with just about any technology.B And, some carriers will allow you to switch bsignalsb in the middle of your contract term b providing you with the flexibility to upgrade your phone system when the time is right for your business.

Of course there is some bfine printb, but it is fairly simple to migrate towards SIP from older technology.B If youbve used an external device between the router and your phone system, it could be as easy as removing it.

What would I like to leave you with?B If youbre not already benefitting from SIP and improvements in voice technology, now is the time to consider it!

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