Nothing is All Good

The last couple of years have been particularly turbulent for us in the world of telecommunications.B The industry has been mixing things up, primarily, through mergers and acquisitions.

Nothing is all good, nothing is all bad.B This goes for all change b even mergers and acquisitions.

In the bgoodb column would be benefits like b

  • Expanded network
  • Increased service offerings
  • Improved profitability
  • Decreased competition

In the bbadb column would be issues like b

  • Consolidating systems
  • Staff restructuring
  • Policy changes
  • Loss of continuity

The truth is that the bad bstuffb is good for some and the good bstuffb is bad for some.B We have been working through issues with many customers that originated as a result of a merger.B When your telecom provider is acquired and merged into a larger company, there will be changes in the way they do business.B And, it will likely effect you.

You can use this to your advantage if youbre willing to embrace the change.B It can help to have an advisor that understands your options.B Thatbs what webre here for.B We are your advocate – making sure your experience ends up in the bgoodb column.

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